Terms & Conditions

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By using this website:

You agree to avoid the following content:

  • Content that reveals the personal information of another person or entity
  • Content that is pornographic or related to nudity
  • Content that exploits images or likeliness towards minors
  • Content that may infringe intellectual property or trademarks
  • Content that may infringe privacy and personality rights
  • Content that is hateful, racist, or uses symbols or marks signifying hate towards another groups of people
  • Content that is generally offensive, insulting, obscene, violent, harassing, vulgar, threatening, or fraudulent
  • Content that is prohibited by law

This list is NOT exhaustive and only serves as a general guideline.

You acknowledge that you are the only person responsible for the creation and submission of your content on this website, that neither Cute Rascals nor any other party involved within the production process assumes that responsibility.

You acknowledge that Cute Rascals does not pre-screen submitted content, but that Cute rascals shall have the right (but no the obligation) in its sole discretion to cancel or change any order if its content does not follow ethical guidelines, website’s terms and conditions or the law.

You acknowledge that if you submit protected or trademarked content, Cute Rascals assumes that you have the full right and authorization to use that content. Although, Cute Rascals may review your order and reserve the right to demand confirmation or proof about the content submitted through the website.

You acknowledge that any content on this website, including but not limited to text, photos, data, etc. is protected by trademarks, copyrights, patents or other proprietary rights and laws. You agree to not publish, reproduce, upload or download, copy, sell, post, in whole or in part, the content available on Cute Rascals’ website.

Examples of content prohibited under Intellectual Property Laws

  • Use of names, logos, images, trademarks or content related to companies that you do not own
  • Use of names, logos, images or content related to professional/college sports team or musical groups and artists
  • Use of names, images, pictures or content related to models, actors, actresses or other celebrities
  • Use of trademarked words or expressions

This list is NOT exhaustive and only serves as a general guideline