12 Months


Cute Rascals® is all about baby clothing. In this section you will be able to find 12 month girl clothes and 12 month boy clothes as well. We know how difficult it is to find good quality items that they love and truly reflects their personality and character. We strongly recommend buying the 12 months clothes size for baby girl clothes 6 9 months or baby boy clothes 6 9 months so it gives your little ones more room to move around. As a result, buy 12 month baby girl clothes and 12 month baby boy clothes instead.. Cute Rascals® 12 month baby clothes are made with high quality materials and are very comfortable as well. We want to make the world a better place for kids and empower them through the clothes they wear daily. We want to remind them that the world is beautiful and that they are capable of everything no matter what is going on at the moment. Our 6 9 month outfit and baby girl clothes 9 12 months are bright in color with funny and empowering designs printed on them. 12 months is such a special age as some of them will already start to stand up and walk! This is the occasion for parents to observe the first steps of their little ones. We are proud to be an American company and all our 9 12 month outfit are made locally in Tampa, Florida. Your little ones will love Cute Rascals® new 12 month clothes collection! Make sure they have the best gender neutral clothes right away as they will shape the kind of individual they become in the future. We know that the 6 9 month size can be tricky as babies tend to grow so quick. That is the reason why we carry all sizes. The best part is that we offer free shipping on every order, every day. We know how fast babies are growing, so just in case you have a size issue, exchange and returns are available and free.

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