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At Cute Rascals®, we know how challenging it is to find the right products or gifts for your loved ones, whether they are your children, grandchildren, nephew, niece, god son, god daughter or even friends. It is even more difficult to find the product that you finally want at the right price, while still having a great online shopping experience. Well, no worries because Cute Rascals® is here to help you to get just what you need.

At Cute Rascals®, not only we care about our products, but we mostly care about you and especially your loved ones. We are about everything they love, everything they are passionate about, their interests of the moment and the ones of tomorrow, as well as everything that defines who they truly are. Cute Rascals® let them express their own styles and attitudes because we are convinced that every baby and kid is different and unique.

What is Cute Rascals®?

Cute Rascals® is a U.S. born, lifestyle brand that brings innovative design concepts to the growing and dynamic baby & kid apparel, and accessory market. Each one of Cute Rascals®' designs is inspired by the cutest, funniest, smartest, mischievous, playful and seriously inspiring folks we know--- kids! Or as we affectionately call them, our cute rascals. It is their authenticity and expressive individual style that guides us along on all of our new endeavors.

Cute Rascals® Mission:

Our mission is to provide parents and kids with products that are both fun and functional and on-trend design with an emphasis on durability and utility. Each of the products that we offer also takes your child’s comfort and safety into consideration, making it a product that the whole family can enjoy. With the increasing number of working moms, who want the best for their babies but don’t have the time to spend hours in baby boutiques, there is an increasing need for shopping options that offer selection and speed of delivery without compromising product quality. We offer exactly that, a shopping experience where you’ll find what you are looking for and won’t get a price sticker shock once you reach the checkout.

At the Cute Rascals® we are continually attentive and committed to meeting the needs of your family or friends while providing superior customer service. We work everyday to earn your loyalty and trust by making each and every online visit, from purchase through delivery, an easy and excellent shopping experience.

What makes Cute Rascals® different?

Cute Rascals® has successfully differentiated its products from the competition with its wide panel of designs, its attention to innovation, as well as the exceptional value and the affordable price of its products. We love individuality and personality. We love great designs. We love quality. We love product options. That’s why we are confident you’ll love our Cute Rascals® brand.



We have been... and will always be Cute Rascals!

Cute Rascals Team