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Frequently Asked Questions

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1  Will wall papers damage my walls?

2  How do I install my floor or mural stickers?

3  How do I install my wall paper?

4  Will wall murals and stickers damage my walls?

5  How can I remove my wall papers, floor or murals stickers?

6  Will my canvas frame arrive ready to hang?

7  Will my metal signs arrive ready to hang?

8  Will my acrylic signs arrive ready to hang?

9  Will my curtains arrive ready to hang?

10  How to clean my canvas frames?

11  How long will my canvas print last?

12  Should I wash my mugs and drinkware before using them?

13  Can I iron on the printed area?

14  Should I wash the clothes before the kids wear them?

15  How can I pay for my order?

16  How is my payment processed?

17  Is my payment and information secure?

18  Will I be charged sales taxes?

19  Can I order a custom size item?

20  What kinds of printer and ink are used?

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PAGE : Total: 26 questions